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Baking with a Purpose - Bakery Schuld's Energy Recovery Transformation with Lepido

Bakery Schuld, a family-owned business established in 1886, has a rich legacy of tradition and innovation. Jan Aart Schuld, the fifth-generation baker, leads the company, which operates multiple locations including Elburg, Nunspeet, and Oldebroek. Committed to sustainability and efficiency, Bakery Schuld partnered with Enjay Systems from Sweden and Draaijer Installation Technology to transform their energy usage.


Facing challenges from rising energy costs and environmental concerns, Bakery Schuld sought sustainable solutions to enhance its operations. Recognizing the potential for energy recovery from its production processes, Bakery Schuld aimed to reduce its environmental impact while improving efficiency.


Energy Costs: Escalating energy costs posed a significant financial challenge for Bakery Schuld.

Production Costs: The ever-increasing costs in grain and wheat made it necessary for Bakery Schuld to find innovating ways to reduce production costs.

Operational Efficiency: Maximizing efficiency while minimizing waste was crucial for Bakery Schuld's competitiveness.

Solution and Implementation:

In collaboration with Enjay Systems and Draaijer Installation Technology, Bakery Schuld opted to implement Lepido, a heavy-duty heat exchanger to recover energy from polluted air. This innovative technology would allow the bakery to capture and repurpose heat effectively, leading to significant energy savings.

Assessment and Planning:

During the assessment and planning phase, Bakery Schuld collaborated closely with Draaijer Installation Technology to evaluate the bakery's energy requirements and identify opportunities for energy recovery. Draaijer Installation Technology, as an experienced installation company, utilized several key metrics to conduct a comprehensive assessment. They looked at the bakery’s historical energy consumption data to understand current usage patterns and identify areas of inefficiency, assessed the Bakery Schuld's production processes to identify sources of heat generation and energy waste. Furthermore, they looked at operating hours to determine the duration and frequency of energy usage and conducted a cost-benefit analysis to assess the feasibility and potential returns of implementing an energy recovery system.

Collaboration with Enjay Systems:

Bakery Schuld selected the Lepido heavy duty heat exchanger from Enjay Systems as their choice of tech because of the following reasons:

High Efficiency: Lepido is engineered to maximize heat recovery efficiency, ensuring that Bakery Schuld could extract the maximum amount of usable heat from the polluted air regardless of pollutants such as grease and soot. This made Lepido suitable to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Customizable Configuration: The system was available in various configurations to accommodate different air volume requirements and operational parameters. This flexibility allowed Bakery Schuld to tailor Lepido to its specific needs.

Seamless Integration: Draaijer Installation Technology facilitated the seamless installation and integration of the Lepido system into Bakery Schuld's existing infrastructure. The installation process was carefully planned to minimize disruption to bakery operations and ensure optimal performance.

Low Maintenance: The Lepido system required minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs for Bakery Schuld.

The technical specifications of the resulting solution were:

Air Volume: 5,800 – 7,200m3/h
Dimensions (LWH): 1150 x 880 x 860mm
Flange Connection
Material: Completely made of stainless steel, both casing and interior
Weight: 190kg
Air Duct Connection: Width 1,000mm, Height 700mm

Bakery Schuld’s integrated energy meter tracked energy savings and helped optimize the performance of the Lepido heat recovery system continually. This proactive approach allowed Bakery Schuld to fine-tune its operations and maximize efficiency over time.


Energy Savings: Bakery Schuld achieved an annual energy recovery of 58,000 kWh, reducing reliance on conventional energy sources and lowering costs.

Environmental Impact: By repurposing heat from polluted air, Bakery Schuld significantly reduced its carbon footprint, supporting global efforts to combat climate change.

Operational Efficiency: The integration of the Lepido system enhanced Bakery Schuld's operational efficiency, optimizing resource utilization and production processes.

Heat Repurposing: Bakery Schuld repurposed the recovered heat by distributing it to four adjacent apartments, further enhancing its sustainability efforts.


By prioritizing energy recovery and embracing green solutions, Bakery Schuld has positioned itself as a leader in the bakery industry while demonstrating its commitment to creating a more sustainable future.