Case Study: Shaping the Future of Hospitality - Playdôme Roosendaal's Lepido-Powered Renaissance

Nicky Broos, a seasoned member of the Broos catering family from Bosschenhoofd in Brabant, ventured into an ambitious project: Playdôme Roosendaal. Despite facing challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, escalating energy prices, and warm weather, conditions unfavourable to indoor activities, Broos remained undeterred, leveraging innovative solutions to propel his business forward sustainably.

Playdome, one of the first multi-activitysport centres in Benelux, opened in September 2021. This entertainment complex boasts a plethora of attractions including electric play karts, hyper bowling, laser gaming, fun curling, and delectable dining options, all enveloped in an Alpine-themed atmosphere. Broos, committed to sustainability and innovation, sought solutions to mitigate energy consumption and costs. Embracing the goal of energy neutrality, Playdôme Roosendaal underwent substantial transformations. The facility was designed to be gas-free from inception, with investments in solar panels. Additionally, Broos partnered with Enjay Systems to implement Lepido, a heavy-duty heat exchanger. With this innovative system in place, they effectively recycled polluted warm air from commercial kitchens, significantly reducing energy wastage. The investment not only aligned with Broos's sustainability ethos but also promises substantial returns, with an impressive ROI projected within three to seven years.

The key metrics of the solution were as follows:

Solution: 2x Lepido heat recovery systems type L20
Air Volume: 5,800 – 7,200m3/h
Dimensions (lwh): 1150 x 880 x 860mm
Material: Stainless steel construction
Weight: 190kg
Air Duct Connection: Width 1,000mm, Height 700mm
Outdoor design temperature: -10°C
Exhaust airflow: 2* 6800m³/h
Supply airflow: 2* 6800m³/h
Exhaust temperature in air duct: 28°C
Ideal inlet air temperature: 18°C
Operating hours/day: 10h
Energy used for: Heating/ventilation
Calculated Co2 savings/year: 30,4 ton
Energy Recovery: 114,800 kWh annually


The adoption of sustainable practices, including the integration of the Lepido heat recovery system, yielded promising outcomes for Playdôme Roosendaal. The facility achieved a remarkable energy recovery of 114,800 kWh annually, contributing to substantial cost savings and environmental conservation.

Future Outlook:

As Playdôme Roosendaal continues its journey towards sustainability, Broos and his wife, Monique Linders, remain dedicated to refining and optimizing business operations. Their unwavering commitment to future generations underscores the importance of environmentally conscious entrepreneurship in fostering a greener, more sustainable future.