Article - Agenda 2030

Enjay and the Global Agenda 2030 Goals

How Enjay supports the Global Agenda 2030 Goals

Enjay is part of the solution to the climate crisis as a provider of maximum energy efficiency that will decrease the total amount of energy that is used. Because remember, the cleanest kilowatt hour is the one that is never produced. Out of the 17 goals, we have identified 5 that we believe we contribute directly to: 

7 Affordable and clean energy Using energy with as little loss as possible means saving both money and the climate. We have changed the perspective of what is possible to recover which means wasting it is no longer an option 

9 Industry, innovation, and infrastructure We’ve found a way to turn impossible into possible. Our innovation now enables energy recovery in areas where it has previously been regarded as impossible. 

11 Sustainable cities and communities Intelligent and sustainable urban planning needs energy efficient systems, and to be able to recover energy also from polluted airstreams contributes to our community’s resilience.  

12 Responsible consumption and production Wasting energy is wasting natural resources. By maximising the efficiency of energy recovery systems, we minimise the use of power and contribute to a more responsible use of the resources our planet provides. 

13 Climate action The more efficiently we use energy, the lower the greenhouse gas emission will be. We’re on a journey to reduce the global CO2 emissions by 500 megatons annually, one restaurant at a time.  

Our promise is to keep putting all our efforts into innovating and aspiring towards a brighter future. Everyone can do something, and our something is to provide profitable energy recovery solutions in challenging environments.  

This is our promise. What’s yours?

“Climate change is a real and undeniable threat to our entire civilization. The effects are already visible and will be catastrophic unless we act now.” Agenda 2030 Goal 13