Five signs of malfunctioning energy recovery systems

Here are some sure shot ways to know if your energy recovery system is malfunctioning

1. All is not good in the hood  

You’ve got your state-of-the-art kitchen hoods and the fans are running, but still the smells linger, and the kitchen is steamy, then you know something’s not right. If nothing goes up the duct, nothing is recovered.  

2. Runaway fans 

Your fan works harder and harder (to maintain the desired airflow) and your energy bill goes up and up with it, then you can be pretty sure you have a sticky filter or a clogged-up recovery battery in your system.   

3. Frequent downtimes and fire alarms 

Downtime can be good, we all need our holidays, but downtime in a commercial kitchen, however, most certainly is not. Having your ventilation system go down, steaming up the place and setting off the fire alarm right when food needs to be prepared and served is not good for business.  

4. High maintenance  

The energy bill goes up, the amount of energy recovered goes down, and business is hurting from the frequent kitchen downtimes, fire alarms and having to call in service technicians at all hours.  

5. When you’re on first name basis with your service technicians 

A sure sign you’ve had to call them too many times…