How we plan to eliminate one percent of global CO2 emissions

More than 15 million restaurants world-wide are unable to recover the energy from their kitchen ventilation exhaust. The reason? Grease and soot. The solution is called Lepido, an energy recovery unit from Enjay.

Enjay have developed an energy recovery unit for future generations - Lepido. Instead of trying to filter out particles of soot and grease, Lepido thrives in harsh restaurant environments, allowing particles that would normally clog up the system to simply pass through. This negates the negative impact on performance, whilst minimizing the need for maintenance.

Building properties are responsible for as much as 40 percent of global energy consumption. With Lepido, the average restaurant can reduce its yearly CO2 footprint by 34 metric tons. This means that by implementing Enjay’s technologies into the world’s 15 million restaurant properties we can reduce global CO2 emission one full percent by 2050.

For Enjay this is just the beginning. In 2019 we signed with Burger King Scandinavia, making Lepido a standard in all restaurants being built in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Lepido has also been installed in numerous other restaurants and hotels in Norway and Denmark.

In 2018 Enjay was elected Climate Solver by WWF and that was the first of many international aknowledgments:

Global Cleantech 2018 – Top 100 Company

Solar Impulse 2020– Labeled as Efficient Solution

SET 2020 – Finalist

Perpetuum  2020 by  DENEFF – Winner

Startup 4 Climate 2020 – Winner

Post Code Lotteries Green Challenge 2021 - Finalist

And we are only getting started.

Lepido is the first adaptation of this technology, but the same system can be utilized within various other fields. Wasting energy is no longer an option.

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