How can we claim that Lepido is low maintenance?

Enjay's Lepido, a heavy duty heat exchanger, is able to recycle energy from polluted restaurant ventilation systems.

It’s a well-known fact that exhaust air from a kitchen is polluted by grease and soot and that it tends to stick to everything and clogs up the HVAC components. A lot of service and maintenance is needed to keep the units clean and if the recovery system is a traditional one using fins, it’s an uphill struggle to keep the system running.  

Lepido however, that uses coils instead of fins, is a game-changer! Larger in size, using coils and a unique patented airflow pattern (PRG®) where most of the particles can pass through the heat exchanger instead of sticking to the coilsmeans it can keep recovering energy even in polluted airstreams. The unique design of the Lepido slows down the build-up on the coils and keeps the air pressure drop to a minimum even if a coating has formed.  This means that there is no need for filters or any extended service to sustain the ability to recover energy, despite the grease and soot. The service requirements are the same as for ordinary HVAC service intervals, with no external service technicians or extra certificates needed. The Lepido maintenance can be integrated in the ordinary ductwork cleaning serviceHVAC service regulations are of course different for each country but in Sweden for example, regular service is mandatory and the Lepido maintenance is seamlessly integrated in the service of the complete system Thereforewe can claim that Lepido is low maintenance.