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Heat exchanger recovers heat from pancake production

When Lantmännen's pancake factory in Tjärby outside Laholm, Sweden, is now rebuilt after the fire in October of last year, it is Enjay that supplies the Lepido heat exchangers – designed especially for polluted exhaust air.

Lantmännen's pancake factory is the Nordic region's largest facility. Every day, 600,000 pancakes are baked in three different production lines with a total air circulation of 30 cubic meters per second. The energy in the hot and greasy exhaust air is to be recovered with the help of Lepido, a Swedish-developed liquid-coupled heat exchanger specially designed for polluted exhaust air. 

In Energy & Environment, issue 10/2022, the long-term test of the heat exchanger at Burger King Bulltofta in Malmö, Sweden was published. After the 22-month test, Enjay believes that it now has proof that it can offer stable and efficient energy recovery in polluted exhaust air.Today, the heat exchanger is mainly used in restaurants and commercial kitchens and is in operation in eight different markets in Europe. The delivery to the pancake factory will be the first large-scale industrial project for Enjay, corresponding to approximately 30 restaurant projects. 

"What separates this project from our other projects, really, is the scale. Our technology is able to recover energy from polluted exhaust air, regardless if it is moisture, soot, dirt particles or grease that is the problem", says Mattias Edelborg, technical director at Enjay. The system, which will be commissioned in the spring of 2023, is estimated to recover approximately 1,500,000 kWh per year, which corresponds to 99.7% of the heat demand in the production facility.