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Heat Exchangers in Paintshops: Transforming Waste Heat into Energy Savings

In a paintshop, there are several areas where heat exchangers can be effectively employed to recover and reuse heat, leading to energy savings and environmental benefits. Here are some ways heat exchangers can be used in paintshops:
  1. Oven Exhaust Heat Recovery: Paintshops often use large ovens for curing or drying painted products. These ovens generate a significant amount of exhaust heat. Heat exchangers can be installed in the exhaust system to capture and recover this heat. The recovered heat can then be used to preheat incoming fresh air or to heat other processes within the facility, reducing the overall energy consumption.

  2. Spray Booth Exhaust Heat Recovery: Spray booths are used to apply paint to various surfaces. The exhaust air from these booths can be hot and laden with solvent vapors. Heat exchangers can recover heat from this exhaust air, and in some cases, they can also recover solvent vapors, which can be condensed and reused or properly disposed of.

  3. Process Water Heating: Many paintshops require hot water for cleaning equipment and tools. Heat exchangers can be used to recover heat from various processes and transfer it to a water heating system, reducing the energy required to heat water separately.

  4. Ventilation Air Preheating: Heat exchangers can be integrated into the building's ventilation system to preheat incoming fresh air using the heat from the exhaust air. This reduces the load on the heating system and improves energy efficiency.

  5. Heating Paints and Coatings: Some paint products require heating for proper application. Heat exchangers can be used to heat paints and coatings to the desired temperature efficiently.

By implementing heat recovery systems with heat exchangers in a paintshop, you can reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, and minimize the environmental impact of the facility. Additionally, such measures may qualify for energy efficiency incentives or rebates from local governments or utility companies, providing further financial benefits.

Lepido, by Enjay Systems, is an industrial heavy-duty heat exchanger, developed and built in Sweden. It can recapture excess heat from the ventilation in industrial processes such as in paintshops. The patented set up of coils allows the particles to pass through the heat exchanger without getting stuck. Read about Lepido - here