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How to cut 90% of your heating costs

It might sound too good to be true, but it´s not. If you use the hot exhaust air from the kitchen to heat the restaurant, your heating costs will decrease by 90%. This is possible thanks to a Swedish innovation called Lepido.

There is a Swedish saying that goes like this “Elda för kråkorna - Light a fire for the crows”. That’s an expression for when someone is wasting energy or heat. And, this saying really expresses what is going on in restaurants all over the UK right now.

Utility supplied electricity is used to heat the restaurant, while the hot air generated in the kitchen is ventilated straight out.

With Lepido, a Swedish patented innovation from Enjay, it´s now possible to use the hot exhaust air from the kitchen to heat the restaurant. The result: heating costs decrease by 90%.

An average fast food restaurant uses around 110,000 kWh per year for heating. With an energy price at £ 0,35 / kWh, a Lepido would cut the cost from £ 29,000 to £ 1,300 per year. 

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