How we plan to eliminate one percent of global CO2 emissions

We have developed Lepido, an energy recovery unit for the future!

Instead of trying to filter out particles of soot and grease, Lepido thrives in harsh restaurant environments, recovering energy while allowing particles that would normally clog up the system, to simply pass through.

Over 40% of the world's energy consumption today is used for buildings, which accounts for nearly one-third of the total CO2 emission so any improvement in this segment will certainly have a big impact. With Lepido, your average restaurant can reduce its yearly CO2 footprint by around 40 metric tons. This means that by implementing Enjay’s technology in the approximately 15 million restaurants around the world, we can reduce global CO2 emission with as much as one percent by 2050.

For Enjay, this is just the beginning. In 2019, we signed with Burger King Scandinavia, making Lepido  standard equipment in all their new upcoming and future restaurants in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. We also have Lepidos installed in numerous other restaurants and hotels in these countries, and we are in the process of expanding further internationally.

In 2018, we received our first international acknowledgment and it was just the first of many:

WWF - Climate solver 2018

Global Cleantech – 2018 Top 100 Company

Solar Impulse – Efficient Solution 2020

SET Award 2020 – Finalist

Perpetuum 2020 by DENEFF – Winner

Start-up 4 Climate 2020 – Winner

Postal Code Lotteries Green Challenge 2020 Finalist

As mentioned above, we are only just getting started. Commercial kitchens are only the first area that the Lepido technology has been implemented in, but it can be adapted and used in various other fields like laundries, in the marine industry, in malls and in bakeries.

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