Lepido by Enjay - a Heavy Duty heat exchanger

Lepido – Profitable energy recovery from restaurant ventilation

Lepido by Enjay is a heavy-duty heat exchanger for restaurant ventilation that makes it not only possible, but also profitable, to recover energy that is currently being wasted.

Restaurant ventilation offers a very challenging environment for energy recovery because of the extreme levels of grease and soot in it. The Lepido is designed to endure and deliver in these extreme environments without any need for filtration or extended service to sustain the ability to recover energy.

The patented technology is based on two main functions:

Aerodynamics function with the main task to maintain the original air pressure drop and the thermodynamic function with the main task to maintain the heat recovery in an efficient and optimized way.

Aerodynamic functions:

Compared to traditional heat exchangers Lepido is larger and has a spacious and patented geometry of recovery coils called Particle Repellent Geometry (PRG).

The result is a unique airflow where most of the grease and soot pass right through the heat exchanger without getting stuck to the coils. And even if a slight coating has formed, the impact on the pressure drop is very low thanks to the patented configuration.

Thermodynamic functions:

A Lepido is coil-based, 100% counter current and has multiple fluid patterns which enables optimised temperature difference and high efficiency. The coils offer the same heat transfer surface as a traditional solution. The result is an optimized energy transfer and sustained ability to recover energy – even if a coating has formed on the coils. 

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