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Revolutionizing Industrial Heat Exchangers: Lepido as a Breakthrough Solution for Polluted Air Energy Recovery

When it comes to traditional heat exchangers, most of us envision warm air flowing through a maze of metal fins. These conventional systems efficiently transfer the inherent energy in the air to another medium, all thanks to the remarkable properties of metal surfaces.

But what happens when this phenomenon encounters polluted air laden with particles like grease, soot, or lint? It turns out that this seemingly simple challenge has been a roadblock in industrial energy recovery for years.

Picture this: warm air is attracted to flat surfaces in a heat exchanger, a phenomenon known as the Coandã effect. While this natural physical force optimizes energy transfer, it also comes with an unexpected hitch. Those pesky particles in the air are drawn to the surfaces as well. When they collide, they stick. Over time, this accumulation creates a problematic buildup that can clog the heat exchanger.

The result? Production downtime and wasted excess process heat, a challenge for any factory. But hold on, there's hope on the horizon.

Enter Lepido, a Swedish industrial heat exchanger designed with a specific mission: recovering energy from polluted exhaust air. Unlike its traditional counterparts, Lepido takes a fresh approach.

Instead of relying on metal fins, Lepido guides warm air through its coils, creating an aerodynamic pattern that maximizes energy transfer to the water flowing inside. This innovative design forces the airstream to accelerate alongside the surface. The beauty of this setup? Energy travels efficiently via airflow around the coils, rather than between them.

But what about those bothersome particles in the air? Here's where Lepido truly shines. As the air accelerates, the particles are repelled away from the surface, ensuring a clean and efficient operation. Lepido proves its mettle in various processes, especially those plagued by pollutants like grease, soot, lint, fibers, or fumes.

So, how does it all fit into your industrial setup? Lepido seamlessly integrates into a Run-Around-Circuit, making the most of process ventilation air, typically warmer than other ventilation sources. The recovered thermal energy can then be reintroduced either in a water-to-air or water-to-water heat exchanger.

The bottom line? Don't let your valuable energy go to waste. With Lepido, you can unlock the untapped potential in polluted air, revolutionizing your energy recovery process and boosting efficiency in your industrial operations. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to a greener, more sustainable and profitable future.

Lepido is currently being used by production facilities and commercial kitchens around Europe to recapture excess heat in polluted exhaust air. At Europes biggest pancake factory located in the south of Sweden, the system will recover 1,500,000 kWh per year. Read about the project here: