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Swedish cleantech company Enjay launches in the UK to combat the energy crisis — promises to slash restaurants’ heating costs by 90%

By recovering the energy in kitchen fumes and using it to heat the rest of the building, businesses in the hospitality industry in the U.K. can slash their heating costs by a staggering 90%.

Nils Lekeberg, founder of Enjay, says: “Exhaust air from restaurant kitchens has previously been considered waste, but our technology turns that waste into new energy for heating the same building that the kitchen is in. This allows business owners in the hospitality sector to cut their heating bills by as much as 90% — a significant saving for UK restaurants at a time when they need it more than ever before”. The news comes just weeks after the government announced a sharp reduction in support for businesses’ energy bills, causing a stir in the hospitality industry.

Enjay’s technology is already industry-standard in its native Sweden and has been installed in hotels, restaurants, and schools throughout the Scandinavian country, famous for its chilly winters. The technology is now being rolled out in several fast-food restaurants across the UK as businesses are looking for new ways to cut their energy costs, with UK customers including Burger King and the Caribbean restaurant chain Turtle Bay. Enjay is working with Chapman Ventilation, the industry-leading ventilation provider, on Burger Kings across the UK.

Nigel Atkinson, executive at Chapman Ventilation, says: “We are always looking for new ways to provide more innovative and efficient products to the restaurants we work with. Whilst the UK is currently experiencing an energy crisis which is affecting restaurants up and down the country, it is paramount that we do whatever we can to optimise energy in every possible way”.

The cost of energy skyrocketed throughout 2022, leading the government to offer financial support to businesses and households facing soaring energy bills. But the latest government support scheme cuts the support for businesses’ energy bills in what has been described by industry representatives as “a huge disappointment”.

Nils Lekeberg says: “The UK hospitality industry is some of the world’s finest, and we couldn’t be happier to enter the country at such a crucial time. We see dramatic cost savings with every Enjay unit installed, and we’re excited to be able to offer the hospitality industry some relief at a time when it’s needed the most”.

Enjay is available for businesses in the UK starting today.