Waste Heat is Dead! Long Live Waste Heat!

Europe's industrial waste heat has the potential to cover 100% of the total heating demand.* So why do we continue to vent hot process air without first harnessing the energy, even when a kWh is more expensive than ever before?

The first reason is that no plant manager in the world wants to risk the operation of their facility, regardless of how much money can be saved through energy recovery. And that's exactly what happens when attempting to recover energy from dirty process air using traditional ventilation systems. Particles and pollutants clog filters and exchangers, leading to downtime for the entire facility.

The second reason is the increased maintenance required when trying to clean process air so that traditional recovery equipment can be used. The cost of replacing filters and cleaning units at frequent intervals eats away at any potential savings.

So, it's not surprising that enormous amounts of energy are vented into the atmosphere each year in the form of waste heat.

But that ends now.

Lepido is the world's first industrial heat exchanger, specially designed to recover energy from dirty process air without the need for air purification. The exchanger's design allows particles and pollutants to pass through without getting trapped, while providing stable heat transfer.

Today, this technology is used to convert waste heat into clean energy in process air from fast-food restaurants, laundries, and food production facilities across eight different markets.

Now, you no longer must choose between safe operation and efficient energy recovery. What are you waiting for?

Long live waste heat!

* https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/feb/23/recapturing-excess-heat-could-power-most-of-europe-say-experts