We’re Enjay!

Enjay is a young greentech company based in Malmö with an ambitious goal - we want to save the world. Our tech increases energy retention while decreasing CO2 emission. Our first order of business is to take on a major environmental hazard - restaurant ventilation. Introducing Lepido, the first profitable energy recovery unit in restaurant ventilation.

Enjay was founded by main stakeholders and childhood friends Nils Lekeberg and Jesper Wirén. Lepido is Enjay’s first product, launched in 2019, and the company is now 20+ employees strong. The main office is found in Malmö, but branches reach as far as to the Netherlands, Germany and eventually France.

Lepido is an energy recovery unit for future generations. Instead of filtering away destructive particles of soot and grease, Lepido allows them to flow through without decreasing the output, thus keeping recoverable energy at a maximum. This creates a recovery unit adapted to the harshest of environments, free of costly maintenance.

Lepido is standard equipment in all Scandinavian Burger King restaurants built after 2019. The system is becoming increasingly popular and is also installed in numerous restaurants and hotels around Denmark and Norway.

But why stop there? After Europe Enjay would like to introduce Lepido to the Middle East and North America. Wasting energy is no longer an option.

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