Reduce commercial kitchens heating cost
Case: Burger King, Malmö

Burger King, Malmö, Sweden

Based on data from our test rig at Burger King in Bulltofta, Malmö, Sweden, we are able to recover 86.000 kWh per year. See below for how it was set up, and how the air pressure drop is sustained. 

recycle energy from commercial kitchens
recycle energy from commercial kitchens
Type of business: Fast-food Restaurant
Name: Burger King
City: Malmö
Country: Sweden
Lepido Model: L12
Outdoor design temperature: -14°C
Exhaust Airflow: 1020 l/sec
Supply airflow: 2000 l/s
Exhaust temperature in air duct: 34°C
Ideal inlet air temperature: 18°C
Operating hours/day: 16 hours
Calculated total energy recovered/year: 86000 kWh/year
Calculated CO2 savings/year: 4.3 ton
Installed: October 2020

Calculated total energy recovered per year in kWh