BK Oppdal
Case: Burger King, Norway

Burger King Oppdal, Norway

This newly built Burger King restaurant in Oppdal has an efficient battery-to-battery solution and is located in a Norwegian ski resort 550 meters above sea level.
Type of business: Fast-food Restaurant
Name : Burger King
City: Oppdal
Country: Norway
Lepido model: L12
Outdoor design temperature: -25°C
Exhaust airflow: 3300 m³/h
Supply airflow: 5000 m³/h
Exhaust temperature in air duct: 45°C
Ideal inlet air temperature: 18°C
Operating hours/day: 12
Calculated total energy recovered/year: 93000 kWh
Calculated CO2 savings/year: 4,9 ton
Installed: August 2021

Calculated total energy recovered per year in kWh