Energy recovery: Playdome, Netherlands

Multi-sport centre Playdome, Netherlands

Playdome, one of the first multi-activity sport centres in Benelux that opened in September 2021, has chosen to install Lepidos in their restaurants, thereby recovering energy,  saving money and the climate at the same time.  

Energy recovery at Playdome, Netherlands
Energy recovery at Playdome, Netherlands
Type of Business: Restaurant
Name: Playdome
City: Roosendaal
Country: Netherlands
Lepido models: 2 x L20
Outdoor design temperature: -10° C
Exhaust airflow: 2 x 6800 m3/h
Supply airflow: 2 x 6800 m3/h
Exhaust temperature in air duct: 28° C
Ideal inlet air temperature: 18° C
Operating hours/day: 10h
Calculated total energy recovered/year: 119200 kWh
Energy used for: Heating / ventilation
Calculated CO2 savings/year: 30,4 ton
Customer: MEDTrading
Contractor: Arco Luchttechniek
Installed: September 2021

Calculated total energy recovered per year in kWh